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Jhakkas actor Anil Kapoor takes up the challenge!

The mark of a true superstar is displaying a sporty attitude when faced with a challenge. Culture Machincelebrity-centric digital channel, All Access, challenged Anil Kapoor to surprise his fans, which was accepted with much vigour by the superstar.
Garima Kumar from All Access took Anil Kapoor by surprise as she barged into his house and threw a spontaneous challenge at him. As they set off in his car, the doting father called up his daughters Sonam and Ria Kapoor to seek their permission before proceeding for his exciting endeavour. Although hesitant at first, Mr. Kapoor got into his fun element once he commenced his journey. A few lucky fans were in for a once in a lifetime treat as Anil Kapoor paid a visit to their house while they were watching the 24 series. Mr. Kapoor is known to be a people’s person and he proved it by adoring gestures towards his fans. He made their day special by making theplas and becoming a part of their family by watching television together.
Speaking about his spontaneous trip Anil Kapoor commented, “I like living by the hour and the All Access team made my day more exciting with our thrilling expedition. I love my fans and have always believed that they played a huge role in my success. Surprising them in their houses and spending time with their families is a small gesture from my side to thank my fans for their constant love and support.”.
Life is full of surprises and you never know what’s in store for you!



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