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Shaleen Bhanot’s talent goes beyond Acting!

There’s no doubt Indian cinema has no dearth of talent, at least in the field of acting. Some of the insanely gifted Bollywood and TV celebs also excel in other fields, ranging from sports to music to dance to other creative and artistic fields.

Shaleen Bhanot is one man who is multi-faceted not only in terms of acting but also when it comes to playing instruments. We recently spotted a picture shared by him on Instagram where he is playing a tune from the evergreen Bollywood movie ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai.’

Take a look at his skill:

When we contacted Shaleen to know more about his passion for music, Shaleen averred, “I have loved music since my childhood and the entire credit goes to my mother, Sunita Bhanot. She is a classical singer. As a child, I used to get annoyed as she used to wake up at 5 am and do her morning riyaz with her Tanpura. However, as time passed, by I realized that I too came close to music.

I play a lot of instruments such as guitar, tabla, and the piano. When I visited Dubai, I saw the piano and I could not stop myself from playing a line or two. I do not practice as I don’t have the time to, but music does bring a lot of peace to me.”

Cheers Shaleen!



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