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#BB10: Guess why was Security called in the house?b


Bigg Boss Season 10 will surely go down in the history of all the seasons so far, as one of the filthiest seasons; and claiming all the fame has been Om Swami from talking utter nonsense to making the weirdest of claims, to physical violence, that man has done it all.
He also beat his own self in terms of disgusting behavior when he threw his pee on the co-contestants Bani and Rohan. This, of course, did not go down well with the duo and they kicked and slapped him and locked him up in jail.
Irked by this, Bigg Boss threw out the self-confessed God-man. However, he did not go out without a fight. When Bigg Boss asked Om Swami to come out, he flatly refused.Well, yes, he did it!
And this is when Bigg Boss had to send in the security guards to get Swami out. This step was taken by Bigg Boss to avoid any more incidents in the house taking into consideration things he has done earlier.



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