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#BB10: Here’s the SPECIAL CLAUSE from Bani J’s contract!!


After being approached for Bigg Boss for quite a number of times, Bani J finally agreed on entering the Bigg Boss House after Gauahar Khan (The Bigg Boss Saath 7 winner and her best friend) convinced her enough. She had put down the offer for all this while, until her best friend finally managed to convince her well.
According to leaked media reports, before joining the house, Bani had, in fact, put a clause where she demanded special food packets for her, keeping in mind her diet plan. However, the same couldn’t have been done because it would turn out to be unfair for the other inmates.
However, considering the diet plan and the protein diet that she required, Bigg Boss decided to make an exception of sorts and decided to provide her with an unlimited egg supply inside the house.
Well, that sure is something! So that’s the thing about her having eggs so often!!



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