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#BB10: Swami Om CROSSES limits on putting ALLEGATIONS on Salman Khan..!


We may be into the last phase of the self proclaimed and controversial god-man, Om Swami’s ranting on ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ and host Salman Khan.

But, the ‘allegations’ and ‘accusations’ seem to be getting worse with every passing day. The man already put petty allegations on Salman and the show about how Salman is an ISI agent and threatened the show to get him back or else the finale won’t happen.

However, parring all limits and assumptions possible, Om Swami continues his ranting and baseless allegations spree on Salman. He was recently asked about ‘turning a non-vegetarian inspite of being a ‘Swami”.

Before you could imagine the answer, it was Salman to be blamed once again! Om Swami mentioned that Salman is a Hindutva and he used to degrade the Hindu culture in front of the entire world. Also, according to him, it was Salman who would send chicken instead of ‘baingan’ (eggplant). He also mentioned that Salman has joined his hands with underworld dons like Hafiz Saeed to succeed in his apparent ‘mission.’

Om Swami also had another set of stories ready, where he mentioned that the makers of the show have ‘threatened to kill him’ and that housemate Bani J slept with ex-housemate Jason Shah for four days.

We certainly hope that this is the last of Om Swami and that we will not be hearing any more rants again..!



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