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New member to join the Kant house in Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant!


Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant keeps us entertained with a new comic story each episode. And it is Rajni, who always brings the Kant family in and out of problems. She is not only the problem maker but also the problem solver.

The upcoming story will be rib-tickling as Rajni will adopt a buffalo – Moodi, in the Kant house. Everyone would have minor objections to it but slowly, Moodi will make a place for itself in the house.

But soon, the same Moodi will bring the house down when it will not only eat all the vegetables of a roadside vendor but also injure him while on a stroll with Rajni!

The vendor will barge into the Kant house with a police inspector and will demand a sum of Rs. 5000 for his loss. Shocked by his demands, the family members will claim that they do not know who is Moodi but soon, Rajni will enter the house with Moodi and the family will have to chip in to pay off the vegetable vendor for his loss!

The story will inflate hilarious twists and turns, making the viewers roll of their seats with laughter!



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