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Tia’s discomfort raises Anika’s SUSPICION in Ishqbaaz!!


It is a known fact that Anika knows about Tia’s evil intentions and that she wants to get married to Shivaay only for his property.

The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Ishqbaaaz will bring in a new twist as an alert and Anika will once again, spot a loop hole in Tia’s nasty plan to bring down the dignity of the Oberoi’s.

Based on suspicion, Anika will soon come to know that Tia’s so-called brother Robin was actually her deceased husband. Not only that, she will also be skeptical if Tia killed Robin!

In the upcoming episodes of the show, Anika will receive a letter of Robin’s name and will question Tia about her equation with Robin. Hearing Robin’s name, Tia will get shocked and will start fumbling. Anika will notice a change in Tia’s behavior and will try to dig in to confirm her murky secrets!

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